Email Open Rate

The Email Open Rate represents the unique number of times that an email is displayed to a recipient. The Open Rate is calculated as follows:

Unique confirmed opens / Delivered emails

Average Open Rate

The average Open Rate this year is 30.29%, which is an increase of more than 5% compared to last year! An amazing result that all email marketers should be proud of!  Want to know how your Open Rate scores relative to the average or your industry? Then make sure to download the Email Benchmark 2020.

Open Rate tips

Three of the most important tips to increase your Open Rate are testing your subject line, the timing of your sending, and using segmentation. With testing your subject line, you could test with personalisation using a full name versus first name only as well as with shorter versus longer subject lines. You could also test your most effective send times based on the Email Benchmark results and analyse what works best for you. Take the send time with the highest Open Rate and compare with the time that has the lowest Send Rate. If you also segment your mailings based on the preferences and behaviour of your database, your Open Rates will increase guaranteed!

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