Email Click Through Rate

The Email Click Through Rate stands for the number of clicks seen over the number of delivered emails. The Click Through Rate is calculated as follows:

Unique clicks / Delivered emails

Average Click Through Rate

The average CTR this year is 4.38%. This percentage varies greatly per sector and sector. Do you want to know how your Click Through Rate scores relative to the average or your industry? Then quickly download the Email Benchmark.

Email Click Through Rate

The CTR gives you an idea of how your entire database responds to the email you sent. This percentage doesn’t tell you the whole story about the effectiveness of your campaign, but it does say a lot about the willingness of the people in your database or mailing list to read your emails. So make sure your content is relevant for your target group. The Email Benchmark 2020 provides you with different tips and tricks how to optimise the relevance of your content.

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