Email Bounce Rate

The Email Bounce Rate explains the number of temporary (soft bounce) and permanently (hard bounce) rejected emails. The Bounce Rate is calculated as follows:

Number of rejected emails / Number of sent emails

Average Bounce Rate

The average Bounce Rate is 0.49%. This means that 99.51% of the emails are delivered to the mailbox. Deliverability is one of marketing automation software Clang’s key best assets. Want to know how your Bounce Rate scores compared to your industry’s average rate? Check this and more in the Email Benchmark 2020.

Email Bounce Rate tips

The Bounce Rate is an important rate to take into account. You obviously want to keep your Bounce Rate as low as possible. To achieve this, make sure your sender reputation is on point. How? Your sender reputation is based on the quality of your database as well as the content of your mailing. Read about directly applicable tips of deliverability experts in the Email Benchmark 2020.

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